Assessment is a process of gathering information about a child’s understanding and development which is an on-going process, a child’s assessment comprises of 3 parts:


Our teachers use observation as an assessment technique to gather information such as interests, knowledge, skills and progress of a child throughout the academic year. These observations are documented at regular frequencies along with samples of the child’s work wherever applicable. This helps understand what a child already knows and what the child is able to do. This information provides teachers with clues about what and how to teach the child.

For our ongoing and summative assessments, the gathered information through observation and documentation is compared to a set developmentally appropriate standard checklist. This information provides teachers with scope to modify the learning experiences to meet the needs of the children. The standard checklist is then translated into a report card that captures the essential details of the child’s performance.

We understand that parents want to know how their child is progressing at school for which we plan interactions with parents at regular frequencies, i.e. 4 times in a year. During these interactions parents can take a look at child’s work that the child has done over a period of time. These examples help parents to assess the growth and progress of their child. Reports cards will be issued twice a year at the end of each term.